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3 years and up

Time and Place

⚙ Any time of day                                  

⚙A hot and sunny day
⚙ Outdoors 


⚙Bucket and/or container                      



⚙ Supervise children at all times 
⚙ Take extra precautions when playing with water

⚙ Protect children from sun exposure (e.g., hats, sunscreen)                            

⚙ Make sure children are dressed in appropriate attire (e.g., water shoes, bathing suits, and towel)



Explore the creek and its surroundings. Provide children with opportunities to observe living and nonliving things in and around the creek. Encourage children to explore the water's temperature and movement (e.g., wading, splashing). 

Questions You May Ask 

Play-based Context

Children love to explore the natural world and they love playing with water on a hot summer day. As educators and children explored a creek, children asked questions about the living and nonliving things they observed. Children asked the educators to help them build a dam and watched how the water movement changed.

⚙ What do you think we will find in the creek?
⚙ What do you [see, hear, feel, smell]?
⚙ What can you use to catch [minnows, crayfish, other l
iving organisms] in the creek?

⚙ What materials can you use to build a dam?

⚙ What happens to the water as you build the dam?

Related Children's Books

Up the Creek by Nicholas Oldland
Creekfinding: A True Story by Jacqueline Briggs Martin
I am Sausal Creek by Melissa Reyes

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