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2 years and up

Time and Place

⚙ A hot and sunny day                                    

⚙Any time of year
⚙ Outdoors 


⚙ Large paintbrushes
⚙ Pails of water



⚙ Supervise children at all times
⚙ Protect children from sun exposure (e.g., hats,



Distribute paintbrushes and pails of water and let children ‘paint’ their surroundings with water. Encourage children to predict what will happen to their water paintings later in the day. Discuss the concept of evaporation.

Play-based Context

The educators noticed that indoors, the children enjoyed painting with tempera paints on easels. They gave the children a similar way to express themselves outdoors.

Questions You May Ask

⚙ How can you make your water paintings last longer?

⚙ What could you use instead of a paintbrush?

⚙ How long does your water painting stay visible?

⚙ How can you make [wider, narrower, shorter, longer] marks with your paintbrush?


Related Children's Books

A Drop of Water by Gordon Morrison
The Water Cycle at Work by Rebecca Olien

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