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When children use hooks (e.g., to hang their clothes in their cubby), challenge them to find other hooks in their environment.

Optional: Children can help to install stick-on hooks.

Questions You May Ask 

⚙What do you notice about this hook?

Where else can you find hooks?

What else can you use to hang your [vehicle, toy, hat, coat]?

How many [scarfs, gloves, coats] can you hang on this hook?

Related Children's Books

Thomas' Snowsuit by Robert Munsch



2 years and up

Time and Place

⚙ Any time of day

⚙ Any time of year

⚙ Indoors or outdoors


⚙Items to hang from hooks (e.g., clothing, bags, toys) 


Optional Materials 

​⚙ Stick-on hooks   



⚙Supervise children at all times  

⚙Avoid hooks and other objects with sharp edges

Play-based Context

The toddlers were playing with purses and backpacks and trying to hang them on different things in the room. The educator invited the children to help install stick on hooks to hang their purses and backpacks. 

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