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Bring the children to a playground and support their explorations of motion and force. Encourage the children to explore the features of the play equipment (e.g., shapes).

Questions You May Ask 

⚙ What equipment do you see at the playground?

⚙  How can you play on a [slide, swing, seesaw]?

⚙  How can you go [faster, slower, higher] on the [slide, swing, seesaw]?

⚙  What shapes can you see in the playground? 

Related Children's Books

⚙ Forces: Physical Science for Kids by Andi Diehn

⚙ Simple Machines: Wheels, levers and pulleys by David A. Adler

 Roll, Slope, and Slide by Michael Dahl and Denise Shea

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English 2 - Simple Machines.jpg
English 3 - Roll, slope, slide.jpg


3 years and up

Time and Place

⚙ Any time of day 

⚙ Any time of year (weather permitting)

⚙  At a playground


⚙ Supervise children at all times

⚙ Dress children appropriately for the weather (e.g., hats, sunscreen, coat)


Play-based Context

During a field trip to the children's favourite playground, the children were excited to play on the equipment. The educators supported the children's explorations by encouraging them to swing, slide, and observe in various ways.   

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