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1.5 years and up

Time and Place

⚙ Any time of day

⚙ Any time of year

⚙ Indoors or outdoors


⚙ Plastic piping or cardboard tubes 
⚙ Toys or other objects


⚙ Supervise children at all times 
⚙ Watch for choking hazards (small objects)



Play-based Context

Encourage children to try passing objects of different sizes and shapes through piping or tube. Ask children to make predictions about whether objects will pass through and how far they will go  if the tube is tilted.                                

Optional: Attach the plastic piping or cardboard tube to a structure (wall or a fence).

A toddler was dropping balls through a large cardboard cylinder. The educator attached dryer vent tubing to the wall for the child to pass objects through. Other toddlers joined in the exploration.

Questions You May Ask 

⚙ Will your [toy, shoe, dinosaur] fit through the piping?

⚙ What other objects can you pass through the tube?

⚙ Where do you see other pipes and tubes?

⚙ What will happen if you tilt the tube?

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