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32 Building Towers wix E.png


1.5 years and up

Time and Place

⚙ Any time of day

⚙ Any time of year

⚙ Indoors or outdoors


⚙ Building materials (e.g., LEGO, wooden blocks, magnetic tiles)


Optional Materials 

​⚙ Recycled materials (e.g., small boxes, cleaned juice boxes, containers)

⚙ Images of towers



⚙ Supervise children at all times 
⚙Be aware of choking hazards (i.e., small LEGO)



 If children demonstrate an interest in building structures, encourage them to make tall structures (i.e., towers), assisting children if needed. Narrate the process if appropriate (e.g., highlighting structural features of the towers).
Optional: Provide recycled materials to encourage other types of constructions. Provide images of towers to spark creativity.

Questions You May Ask 

⚙ What materials can you use to build a tall tower? 

⚙ How can you place your materials [on top of, beside, below, next to] each other?

⚙ Is your tower wobbly? How can you fix that? 
⚙ How [tall, wide, thick] is your tower?

⚙How can you make your tower [taller, wider, thicker]?                      

⚙What other types of towers can you build?

Related Children's Books

⚙ Bigger! Bigger! By Leslie Patricelli  

 When I Build with Blocks by Niki Alling 

 Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty 

⚙ Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

Play-based Context

Educators noticed that preschoolers were building towers with blocks so they provided different kinds of building materials, supported children through questioning, and offered assistance when needed. 

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